High School: Sunday at 10:30am in the Student Room (Suite 10)

High School is one of the busiest times in a student's life. With sports, work, clubs, and homework pulling for a high school student's attention, it can be hard to focus on anything else. Refinery Students have created a place that allows high school students to focus on Jesus. We hangout before service, play crazy games, enjoy energetic worship, have an engaging message that challenges them to live out their faith, and a time of discussion with their leaders and peers at their tables. Every weekend we want to point students towards following Jesus better.

Questions?  Contact Cameron Pape.

July Series - My Story

There is something powerful about a story—they make us laugh, cry, and inspire us toward action. But did you know that your life tells a story? The Snapchats, pictures, and tweets you post all communicate a message to the world. What story are you telling?