Truth Reinforced February 3 - 25

It seems today that people think that truth is something that changes from person to person.  We believe as a church that this is not the case.  Truth is absolute and never changes.  Our goal as a church is to reinforce the truth that Jesus came to seek and save that lost.  We believe he is the way, the TRUTH, and the life.  So join us as we teach through the second of our three mission statements, "to reinforce biblical truth".

Beyond These Walls  January 6 - 28

We believe as a church that we have been called to do the work of Jesus on the earth today.  In fact we believe that Jesus has called all churches to go into all the world and share the gospel.  In this series we invite you to join us as we talk about the vision of this church and how it aligns with the greater vision of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ.

It's Christmas! December 3 - 17

We all get excited about Christmas time!  But we must never forget what the season is really about.  Join us as we celebrate the birth of Jesus by going looking at the birth narrative from a few perspectives.  Let's remember together that it's CHRISTmas!  

Stranger Things October 28 - November 19

Is it possible that we can learn about God, our lives, and spirituality from this hit show? Stranger Things just might change our lives in a big (and better) way.

Unsettled  October 21 & 22

Wild fires, earth quakes, hurricanes, shootings, political opposition, racial tensions... Unfortunately in today's world we deal with these daily, so how do we combated this Unsettled world when it Unsettles us?  Our Lead Pastor, Chad, has had to deal with some of these up close and personal. He has felt a need to take time to talk about how to deal with these issues by giving us a biblical perspective on how to deal with our Unsettled world and our Unsettled lives.

Truth.  September 9 - October 15

We all long for the truth.  There is something built deep within us that makes us want to know where we came from, where we are going, and ultimately what is our purpose.  We believe as Christians that all of this can be found in scripture and that fulfillment comes through a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  In this series we are taking the entirety of the Bible and teaching you God's story in 6 small phases.  This series is meant to educate and equip followers of Christ to to know God's redemptive story, and teach it in a way that gives you confidence to share the gospel.  So be prepared to hear the Truth of our God.

How To Family     August 5 - September 3

The Bible often uses the symbol of family to illustrate God's love for and relationship with His people: God is referred to as our Heavenly Father, the Church is described as Christ's Bride, and God's people call each other brothers and sisters. This sermon series explores the idea of a healthy and godly family and gives biblical instruction for parents, children, spouses, and stewards. 


Jesus Never Said That     July 8 - 30

There are many things in life that are repeated so often, people begin to think they must have come from the Bible. 
Phrases like: “God wants you to be happy” or "Work hard and the Lord will bless you” seem like familiar phrases that must have come from the Bible, but the truth is… Jesus Never Said That!

How To Be A Hero     June 10 - July 2

We all want to be the HERO in our story. We want to rescue someone, make a difference, solve problems, or save the day! It seems like every HERO has a unique ability that makes them seem invincible. While this may be true in part, there are a few things that all heroes have in common that we can strive for. This three week series explores some of the traits that make someone a HERO and how we can become a HERO in our story!

The Lego Effect     May 13 - June 4

There are many different types of Legos. Each one is unique, but they have one thing in common...they connect together to build something! We are just like Legos, unique in so many ways, but made to connect and build something amazing.

& Then     April 15 - May 7

The days following the death of Jesus were the worst days ever for His followers. After watching their leader die on the cross all hope was gone. They were filled with grief, sorrow, and questions. Jesus was dead...AND THEN EASTER!

Whatever stage of life you are in, chances are you know what it's like to be in a moment where everything seems lost. Your "AND THEN" moment is coming. Just like EASTER changed everything for the followers of Jesus, God wants to take the messiness of your life and do something you would never imagine with it.

ALL IN     March 18 - April 9

Where vision and mission collide - IN for our Church, IN for our Community, IN for our World, IN for our Future. Reaching People Far From Jesus, Reinforcing Biblical Truth, Reproducing Disciples. Restoring God's church as a relevant place of value for both the lost and the found.

Life Lessons    February 25-March 12

Knowledge and wisdom don't always come from the information we take in, they come from our experiences in life. We learn lessons from the experiences in life; drawing from those lessons we look to the Bible to see what God wants to teach us through them. Our experience help us to be better people and so together we want to learn from those life lessons.

Great Sexpectations     February 4-19

Sexual expression is everywhere and in every form. From the beginning, sex was God's idea. He has a very definitive design for it. In this series, we will tackle a topic that often gets swept under the covers and ignored by the church. Don't think this series is just for couples ... there is going to be something for everyone as we explore relationships and the differences between men and women. Don't miss out on the sex month.

DISCLAIMER: Due to the nature of this series, we want to remind parents of young children that Refinery Kids is here to partner with you and they provide a high-energy service for the kids.

What if This Year    January 7-29

Every new year begins with a clean slate, a chance to start over. Most of us enter the year with anticipation, hoping that it will be the best year ever. What if this year it was? What if there was something you could do that would make this year better?