Student Groups

Refinery Students is not just for weekend services. Refinery Middle School Student Groups meet every weekend and High School Students will meet during the week! We believe that God designed us for community and groups are a great way to buld community! This is a time for Students to regroup and get refocused on Jesus. This is a great opportunity for Students to connect with their coaches, and other Students on a more personal level. We study the Bible, ask questions, build better relationships with other Students and grow closer to Jesus together. It is all about doing life with each other. We have more information on groups in our Student Room.

Middle School Groups

Middle School Groups meet in the Student Room on Saturday nights after Middle School Service from 6:40pm-8:00 pm. We have pizza and drinks available every weekend for $3.

High School Groups

High School Groups meet during the week with their coaches. Groups are separated by grade and gender. We meet in homes, Starbucks or anywhere else we want to have group. There is more information on where Students will meet this semester in the Student Room or you can contact Aaron McKee.