Our services begin with upbeat, high-energy music. The Refinery strives to communicate truth from the Bible in a way that is both relevant and understandable.

More information about our services:


Each week at The Refinery, we participate in a time of Communion. This is a time set aside to reflect on the sacrifice Christ made and how that sacrifice has changed each one of us. Christ followers are welcome to take the elements as they are passed, or at communion stations set up around the worship center on certain weekends. Your empty cup can be placed back in the tray when you are finished.

When is Offering Received?

If this is your first visit, please do not feel obligated to give. This is for our regular attendees. Tithes and Offerings are an extension of our Worship Service. Please place your Tithes and Offerings in the receptacles located at the back of the Worship Center at your convenience, or setup online giving.

If You Need Prayer

Are you in need of prayer or do you have questions about your journey with Christ? After each service, we have people from our Prayer Team ready and waiting to talk to you. Following the service, please remain in your seat in the Worship Center and someone will come and partner with you in prayer.