Elephant in the Room

God's Plan for Sex | Blake Gunter

Series: Elephant in the Room
Date: October 13, 2019

It is a confusing world we live in today. Between knowing which bathroom to use, what pronoun to use, when to move in together, what color is for which gender....and the list goes on! Sometimes we rush to make a decision about the person who has chosen to live different than us rather than really getting to know them, and love them - regardless of their decisions. In this series we are talking through hot button sexual issues in today's society and learning what Jesus has to say about the topics AND the people who live different than you. Let's learn how to love God, and to love others and continue to live a life that is worthy of the calling we have received in Christ.

Stand Alone Sermons - 9.15-29.19


What to Say When...


When we were younger, we always thought adults had it figured out, but after entering into adulthood we all figured out, we don’t have it figured out, and we often have more questions than answers… especially in regards to our faith. Often after a conversation where we were unsure we think, “Was that right? What will I say if that happens again?” We all have this struggle, so lets come together as a community and tackle a few big ones, in this series we are going to learn “What to Say When…”

Best of Their Best


We have all heard great stories. We have all watched amazing movies. Some things are just worth repeating. These sermons are worth repeating. Over the course of this series we have asked pastors that are involved in partner organizations of The Refinery to come preach the best of their best. These are their sermons that are worth repeating.


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